This blog doesn't have doctrinaire pretensions. All that is here posted, humbly aims to share the knowledge that was given to us by great souls, especially the biggest Master that came to this planet, Jesus Christ. Hoping that in my search for spiritual illumination, I am able to share with others what brings me inner comfort.


When man engrave in his own soul

The luminous paragraphs of the Divine Law,

A friend won’t reprehend his friend,

A brother won’t hurt his brother,

The prisons will be shut forever,

The tribunals will be silent,

Cannons will be converted in ploughs,

Men of  war will go back to sow the earth.

The hate will be expelled off this world,

The bayonets will rest,

The machines will not vomit flames

To destroy or to kill,

But will be used in peace for the progress of our planet.

The justice will be surpassed by Love.

The sons of Faith will not be only fair,

But they will be good, profoundly good.

Prayers will be sang in joy and praise

And the temples of faith will be dedicated

To the sublime work of fraternity and love.

The Divine Law will be

In everybody’s acts and thoughts,

Because the Lamb of the Lord

Will transform the hearts of each man

In a tabernacle of the Eternal Light,

In which His Divine Kingdom

Will shine brightly forever.

Por: Spirit Emmanuel  by Chico Xavier.   In: Pão Nosso.


Minutos de Sabedoria

Your are  never abandoned! Absolutely not!
The Celestial Father doesn't abandon nobody.
He dresses the littlest birds with multicolored feathers, adorn with beauty and perfume the flowers, watch over even the tiniests creatures and insects.
Be assured: not even a string of your hair falls without His knowledge.
Trust in Our Celestial Father!
Your are never abandoned!

Minutes of Wisdom - C.Torres Pastorino



             AFTER THE STORM....

     Man has expected Science and Technology to bring him abundance and comfort; to skyrocket his sense of enjoyment and hapiness.
     Fascinated by the idea of power and objective results, and more concerned with the success of their achievements, technicians have been unaware of Humanity's need for spiritual values.
     The conquest of space, with the plausible idea of exploring worlds, did not add a bit to man's inner realization...
     Likewise the advancement of Medicine and its success in resolving many health problems has ushered the discovery of new organic and psychic disorders for wich there is no early solution in sight.
    New and valid educational methods, backed by psychological studies and research, have only resulted in perplexity and frustation. They failed to bring under control an unreasonable and disillusioned youth. This has alarmed educators and caused psychologists to worry about future generations...
    Makeshift solutions have abounded only to result in failure due to the complexity of problems wich upset nations and communities...
    Serious moral, economic and social upheavals keep showing up everywhere.

   There is a storm brewing in the ocean of Humanity.

   The Earth is like a huge boat overcome by the elements. The passengers are exasperated; they cry, scream, go in to a rage, and.... they pray.

   Materialism is obviously failing. Being responsible for the present state of mankind and civilization, it only lulls the masses for a while then begins to weaken, fade away, and will soon disappear....

   But after the storm has passed, the gift of peace comes.

   Only the Love as taught by Christ can solve the great problems that torment Humanity.

    Love will make people realize that only by helping one another can they be saved, for there is individual suffering, and when one person suffers all are affected. Happiness can not be self centered, and it is doubtful that anyone could rejoice while sorrounded by those in tears.
    Hope, based on the concept of brotherhood, stimulates the young to go forward and to achieve what is noble.
    This is the type of Love that impelled Prince Siddhartha to renounce luxury and adopt meditation and brotherhood. The same Love induced Francis of Assisi to embrace poverty and humility; Mahatma Gandhi to practice "nonviolence", and Albert Schweizer to dedicate himself to the sick in Lambarene...
   This is the Love which produced giants of renunciation, great ones of Science, Apostles of Charity, and self-giving Saints. It is this Love that, while surrounded by corruption and evil, inspired the true philosophers of freedom, the giants of religious faith, and the heroes of brotherhood....

   Arising from the ruins of a materialistic culture, Love restores peace to human ears in the Gospel's Beatitudes; a song of wisdom and beauty to those who hope for the joyful days to come, already being announced.

   The Gospel - which is the paramount of moral codes - as viewed by the Lord's Spirits in all its purity, stands at the gate of a new era. It will at last find lodging in the souls  of men to become the guiding principle of all nations.

Divaldo Pereira Franco - by the Spirit JOANNA DE ANGELIS -  1990


You are Here to Bring Light into the World

 You are Here to Bring Light into the World    

Your Next Big Leap in 2012        
-Understanding Your Role & How to Help- 
by Selacia   

Change is in the air. It's personal to you, and it's also much bigger than you because it impacts the whole of humanity and the Earth.  The magnitude of change you've been adapting to is about to shift again. Get ready for some brand-new energy, coming in over the next month as another level of acceleration arrives.
After all, the year 2012 is a time of revolutionary shifting. Like a cosmic alarm clock, this year's unprecedented events will bring ongoing wake-up calls far and wide. If you've been on the path of transformation for a while, you are used to wake-up calls. Some of your loved ones, still spiritually asleep, will face a steep learning curve.
As a divine changemaker, part of your role now is to be an example to others as they awaken - showing them a more empowered and loving way to be. You can do this for loved ones by your presence, showing them how to be with challenges without reacting.
You can give your loved ones this gift - your awake presence - even if they don't come to you for insights about what's going on. Don't underestimate the value of this.
Revolutionary Cycles
Part of this next phase is that natural cycles you're already familiar with - like full moons and equinoxes - become more potent catalysts of change. They will have a greater influence because humanity has reached a tipping point - a time of no return - during which people must find new ways to live and relate to one another.
Things that worked before are no longer working. People on all continents are becoming aware of society's dysfunctions and aware of humanity's crisis. In tandem with this, the 2012 planetary alignments will help to trigger an avalanche of revolutionary change - in your external world and within you personally. You will want to be conscious and awake as you experience the changes - inviting your heart to guide you in knowing what to pay attention to and to know what is true.

Searching for Truth

Most likely, your whole life has been one of searching for truth. After all, much of what you learned came from conditioning by caretakers who were asleep spiritually. If your parents didn't know how to love unconditionally, how could they teach you about love? If your teachers resourced only conventional notions of history, how could they give you an unbiased perspective of the world?
If your boss today manages with old-paradigm models of fear and competitiveness, how can he or she create the kind of work environment you need to thrive?
As dysfunctions like these come to light, you naturally seek truth and understanding. You want solutions that are based on compassion and caring. You say "enough" to the lies, deceptions, and manipulations.

Balancing the Past with the Future

To leap into future you want, it's necessary to balance your past. What does this mean? First, by definition, anything existing before this current moment is past. That includes what happened when you were three years old and what happened three hours ago.
Balancing your past means putting it in perspective, healing what needs to be healed at a DNA level, and then being willing to let it go.
As long as you allow your past to define you, it is impossible to be who you are meant to be in this precious life. You are alive now to create powerfully and boldly, doing things sourced from love that your ancestors might have called miracles. Indeed, you are the miracle - accept this now. 

Copyright 2012 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved * Selacia Main Website



Saturday, March 3, 2012


Jesus, the aura of Love
For today, I chose to share this beautiful message, exciting and sublime, by Wagner Borges (which I love, I'm his big fan!) with you my dear reader, about the Master of Love ... the Greatest Teacher of all time! 
But I humbly wish now that you enjoy not only reading this uplifting message, but more, open your heart and let in this '' Love so Great that it involves the whole planet ...

'' There are few who know themselves.
And, let alone those who embrace the world without preconceptions. Love sees no race, sex or national borders . Nothing judges. Never boasts. It  is patient and calm, knowing the time of  each ones awakening. It is in every heart and is  the greatest spiritual wealth of Oneself.  As much as some try to twist it, it does not yield to the human whims. It knows all the motives and acts based on truth.
Jesus taught many things to men, but very few understood Him.
He spoke to the heart and they tried to understand Him only with the mind.
He spoke of a Great  Love, but they just wanted fleeting emotions and games of politics and various baits .
He knew, but did not care because He  could see beyond the social conventions.
He knew the right time of the awakening of oneself!
He knew the transformative power of Love.
And He knew that there are many lives, each one with their lessons and learning.
Therefore, He taught the men of His time the  things of the spirit ...
Even if they were not ready to understand.
He needed to sow!
Yes, He needed to sow the Great Love that He brought from Heaven.
His heart was full of Light and He was a Sun of Love.
Light was there, but they were blind.
His words had the fire of the spirit, but they were deaf.
Love was on Earth, but they would not let Him come into their hearts.
He knew how hard it was to sow  in the desert of their hearts.
But His heart overflowed, and He understood them, more than they perceived.
So, as He descended among men, He returned to Heaven.
But left a Great Love vibrating on Earth.

          His words and His energies were recorded in the aura of the planet.
          His generous taughts still hover in the atmosphere that is surrounding the orb.
          And happy are those who feel His presence in the heart.
          Yes, even amid the problems of the world, they feel a Great Love guiding them ...
          And this is something that can't be explained, only felt ... In spirit and truth.

          "There is a Light that shines brighter
            Than billion suns together.
            It is the essence of the soul.
            This is the light that dwells in the heart. "
            Jesus, thanks!

           With love and gratitude.
            Peace and Light

Wagner Borges , a man of qualities and faults; spiritualist who follow no doctrine created by men of the earth, whether Western or Eastern, and who knows the value of a Great Love can inspire a little heart.
Sao Paulo, 12/07/2008. ''

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