This blog doesn't have doctrinaire pretensions. All that is here posted, humbly aims to share the knowledge that was given to us by great souls, especially the biggest Master that came to this planet, Jesus Christ. Hoping that in my search for spiritual illumination, I am able to share with others what brings me inner comfort.


When man engrave in his own soul

The luminous paragraphs of the Divine Law,

A friend won’t reprehend his friend,

A brother won’t hurt his brother,

The prisons will be shut forever,

The tribunals will be silent,

Cannons will be converted in ploughs,

Men of  war will go back to sow the earth.

The hate will be expelled off this world,

The bayonets will rest,

The machines will not vomit flames

To destroy or to kill,

But will be used in peace for the progress of our planet.

The justice will be surpassed by Love.

The sons of Faith will not be only fair,

But they will be good, profoundly good.

Prayers will be sang in joy and praise

And the temples of faith will be dedicated

To the sublime work of fraternity and love.

The Divine Law will be

In everybody’s acts and thoughts,

Because the Lamb of the Lord

Will transform the hearts of each man

In a tabernacle of the Eternal Light,

In which His Divine Kingdom

Will shine brightly forever.

Por: Spirit Emmanuel  by Chico Xavier.   In: Pão Nosso.

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