This blog doesn't have doctrinaire pretensions. All that is here posted, humbly aims to share the knowledge that was given to us by great souls, especially the biggest Master that came to this planet, Jesus Christ. Hoping that in my search for spiritual illumination, I am able to share with others what brings me inner comfort.


Minutes of Wisdom

Be joyful and optimistic: Our Father is within you.
Don't be like a fool, that think that God is far away, sitting on a golden throne. No way.
Don't look for Him in the clouds or among the stars, so high that you can't reach Him.
He is within you, and talk silently to you through your counscience.
Try to find Him, living a life as pure as you can, with a clean heart and loving everyone like you love yourself.

Minutos de Sabedoria  -  C. Torres Pastorino 

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