This blog doesn't have doctrinaire pretensions. All that is here posted, humbly aims to share the knowledge that was given to us by great souls, especially the biggest Master that came to this planet, Jesus Christ. Hoping that in my search for spiritual illumination, I am able to share with others what brings me inner comfort.


A beleza transitoria da materia passa depressa. Procure sondar a beleza interna das pessoas com quem convive.
Há flores belissimas e perfumadas, que só duram poucas horas. No entanto, apesar de não terem nenhum esplendor, as pedras duram milenios, realizando suas tarefas.

Não seja, pois, leviano. Não prefira o efemero ao eterno, a beleza aa sabedoria.
Firme-se no que dura para sempre, que é o Espirito imortal, nosso verdadeiro Eu, e não no que cedo desaperece.

Minutos de Sabedoria

The transitional beauty of matter is short. Search for the inner beauty of the people that share your day by day.
There are beautiful flowers that only last few hours. In despite, even not being splendorous, the stones last for millions of years, fulfilling its purpose in nature.

So don’t be frivolous. Don’t give preference to the ephemeral over the eternal, to beauty over the wisdom.
Look for what lasts forever, and this it’s the immortal Spirit, our true Self, and not to what early disappear.

Minutes of Wisdom 

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